About Us

Inner child; noun 1.) A person’s supposed original or true self.  

Cozy Kid; noun 1.) An individual who dares to let their imagination run wild without limitations.  

Can I ask you a question? Be honest. When someone asked what you wanted to be  when you grew up, what did you say? A singer? A doctor? Maybe a circus performer or toymaker? Whatever you answered, it felt good to think and speak without restrictions.  Your dreams were as wild as the Thornberry’s. Anything was possible.  

Then, there was a shift. As you got older, society started telling you to leave the toys  and treasures of your youth behind. They said, “It’s time to grow up and be serious”  and tried hindering your thoughts and ideas. If I asked what you wanted to be now, what would you answer? 

When you let go of all the joy and wonder of your younger self, it can feel like  something’s missing. Something is missing – your inner child – and Cozy Kid Club is  here to help you reconnect.  

Who is Cozy Kid Club? Think “peak ‘90s culture meets the year 3000.” We’re your  second chance. A modern-day childhood thrift shop bringing back your beloved childhood nostalgia, one hoodie at a time. Our revolutionary, retro-futuristic clothes will be the coziest items in your closet – top-tier napping material. From tracksuits to tees, our apparel sends you  back to Saturday mornings with cartoons, cereal, all your favorite 90's bops and more.  

As a brand that emphasizes comfort, nostalgia and fun, we do more than sell clothing. We help you find that care-free dreamer you’ve kept tucked away and unleash your creativity. We’re the spark that reignites your creativity. 

How? We deliver nostalgia better than anyone else. We’ll take you on a journey back to your childhood and reacquaint you with the wide-eyed, adventurous little legend you  thought disappeared years ago. We know a thing or two about it means to be a kid,  and we’ll be with you on every step of your journey - holding out Sour Patch Kids for strength. 

On this journey, you become the main character of the story. Treat society like a  substitute teacher on a Friday afternoon. DO WHAT YOU WANT! Dream what you want, with no restrictions! It’s time to embrace your complete self, who you truly are.  Because here, we aren’t worried about being cool. We’re just here to be cozy.  

The rest of society can do what they want, but we’re sticking to what we know. Mom and dad aren’t picking the fits anymore. Growing up in the Cozy Kid Club means all recess – no rules. WE WILL BE THE GENERATION THAT CHANGES THE WORLD. Join us as we travel in time to discover your inner cozy kid. The time machine is waiting.

Cozy Kid Club.
The Kids Been Cozy.


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