About Us

Cozy Kids x Blvucci is your modern day childhood thrift shop, where vintage surf and skate culture meet nostalgia. We believe the 90's and early 2000's is the greatest fashion era of all time, and we're bringing it back for those of us who were too young to enjoy it. We're inspired by the colors, graphics, quality, and overall aesthetics of vintage clothing and strive to replicate that in every piece we create. Pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads in public and are even soft enough to sleep in. Blvucci (Blue-Chee) is a mindset we created that reminds you to keep a childlike imagination and believe in yourself like you did when you were 5. Don't ever let this crazy life take away your childhood. Make the younger you proud, every single day. Never let your inner child die.


Cozy Kids x Blvucci
The Kids Been Cozy.