About the Founder


I'm Annie Van Horn, owner and founder of Cozy Kid Club. Ever since I was young, I always loved thrifting, but I felt like something was missing. Then, it hit me.

What I was searching for was a brand with bright, vivid colors, 90's inspiration, with a modern twist. Cozy Kid Club was born.

I had a vision with this brand, and that included: repaying my mom for everything she's ever done for me, providing a new life for my family, and connecting people with the childhood they forgot, or never had. I want to create a movement that reignites the imagination of a generation, and heal people's inner child.

I want every adult to be able to experiece the excitement and freedom we did in our youth. I want every kid to learn about the cartoons, music, toys, and memories that made us feel so alive and creative. 

Other brands cater to trends, but our clothing is made to transform you. 

This company all started in the mind of a child who dreamt of life among the stars. It's literally a dream come true, manifested in its physical form. I was put on this Earth to make people smile, and have a shit ton of fun while doing it. Who knows, I may end up healing myself in the process. 

I don't have customers, I have family members. Every connection and interaction is personal and special, we're still a very small company, and I don't plan on ever losing that connection with the people who made me what I am today. 

While Cozy Kid Club is my main focus - it's not the end goal. As we grow, I plan to expand the brand into new fields, such as: drive-in movie theaters, retro diners, skating rinks, a TV series, and an affordable amusement park bigger than Disney.

I don't believe in limitations. 

You shouldn't either.

Never Let Your Inner Child Die.