About the Founder


I’m Annie Van Horn, founder of KOOKIES N’ KREAM

I operated my previous brand Cozy Kid Club for 5 years, and although the money was great, I was burnt out. Take it from me, do not work more than you live.

During the pandemic, the brand grew exponentially, the money was great, but deep down I felt something was missing.

I’m a firm believer that we all have multiple passions in this lifetime, and we owe it to ourselves to explore all of them, you never know what you might fall in love with.

After some endless soul searching, I spontaneously booked a surfing lesson 14 hours away from Kentucky, and absolutely fell in love. 3 days later, I packed up everything and moved to Florida to pursue this new passion.

Being at the top and in a routine for so long, it’s refreshing to start over and be a “kook”, having a beginner’s mindset again. In surfing and with the creation of my new company.

Being a skater working in the fashion industry, I noticed a lot of the big brands were dropping the same clothes with different logos, and all the models fit into a certain “type”. I wanted to diversify the surf/skate/outdoor industry as a whole, from the apparel down to the representation. A brand with bright colors, a vintage feel, represented by people that looked like me, so I decided to bring it to life. KOOKIES N’ KREAM was born. I had a vision with this brand, building a community of people who know they can have anything and everything they want from this life, and aren’t afraid to get it. KOOKIES N’ KREAM is a dream come true, manifested in physical form that you can wear. I was put on this Earth to make people smile, and have a shit ton of fun while doing it. Who knows, I may end up healing myself in the process.

Right now, I’m on a journey diving deeper into myself, and every day I’m learning there’s so many parts of me left to discover.

I don’t know the formula for a life well lived, but every time I get on my board, I know I’m a little closer to the answer. Living is an art, and we all have the ability to start over with a blank canvas and paint our story however we want.

While KOOKIES N’ KREAM is solely focused on apparel now, it’s not the end goal. As we grow as a collective, I plan to expand the brand into new fields, such as: a music festival, a healing retreat, a podcast, a travel club,  surf schools, opening a skate park, bringing back neon wetsuits, releasing our own jet skis, surfboards and skateboards, and eventually building an amusement park bigger than Disney.

I don’t believe in limitations.

Neither should you.